EPIK/Korvia 2016 Costs and Expenses

Now that I’ve officially been placed in Chungbuk POE, I wanted to give you guys a breakdown of the costs and expenses related to applying to EPIK. Hopefully this will help any prospective applicants to budget accordingly 🙂

Please note that these costs are in CAD $ and are specific to my situation. Since I am a recent undergrad, I had to submit placeholder documents and as such, it costed me extra to re-submit final documents.

Below are the required documents for applying to EPIK through Korvia. I will break down the cost by document

  1. Signed EPIK Application form – $0
    * You may have minor printing costs if you don’t own your own printer
  2. Passport Photos – $15 from Shopper’s Drug Mart
    *Since it comes with two photos, I recommend sending in one for your application and keep the other one to use later on for your Visa (as long as it’s dated within the last half a year). Saves you having to take them twice!
  3. Photocopy of Passport – $0
    * Again, you may have photocopying costs if you don’t own a printer and scanner)
  4. Notarized Canadian Background Check – With digital fingerprinting $80 + Korean Consulate Seal $4.80
  5. Bachelor’s Diploma – Duplicate Diploma $20 + Notarization $50 + Korean Consulate Seal $4.80
    * I realized I did not need to order a duplicate diploma! All you have to do is photocopy it and notarize it
  6. Two sealed University Transcripts – $10/transcript (x2 transcripts)
    * Since the original ones I sent in with my application were “unofficial” I have to pay again to order official copies
  7. Two Letters of Recommendations – $0 
  8. Photocopy of TEFL Certification – $0
    * However, the online course cost me approximately $450. You will have to bring the hardcopy with you to Korea
  9. Sworn Declarations – $0
    * Potential printing costs
  10. Canada Post to Mail Documents using Worldwide Priority – $80
    * Since I am a recent undergraduate, I had to submit placeholder documents for the diploma, transcripts and TEFL certificate. As such, I will have to mail out my final documents again which will likely double this Canada Post cost
  11. Updated University Transcripts – $10/transcript (x2 transcripts)
  12. Fedex to Mail Updated Documents – $80
  13. Visa Application – $72

All in all, I’ve invested about $900 so far. If you want to be prepared and have a better chance at getting your top choice of region, you will have to spend money prior to knowing if you will be placed or not (e.g. ordering transcripts and the background check prior while waiting for an interview with EPIK). It is a risk worth considering. Applying to EPIK is definitely not a cheap process but if you plan early and budget well, it is completely doable and worth it if teaching in Korea is what you want!

Feel free to leave a comment or message me if you have any further questions 🙂



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